About Michal Wasaznik

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Michał Wasążnik was born in 1956 in Warsaw. Since the seventies he has had strong connections with the radical art environment in Poland.

His career started with photographing the legendary Tadeusc Kantor's performance, and he also took pictures of many known musicians on the international Jazz Jomboree festaval in Warsaw. This was his own way of learning photography.

Some years later he got interested in the local alternative music stream and was the first to document the punk movement in Poland from the inside. At the same time he was participating in many activities and was holding several exhibitions in pioneer clubs right before the time of the "solidarity" and until the state of emergency in 1981 and after its end in 1983.

In 1984 he passed the state exam hold by the Culture and Art department that qualifies him to perform professional photography. His diploma work was consisting of pictures of the alternative youth environment finding place at that time in Poland, as a protest against the obligatory doctrine as well as against a cultural equalizing. The subject he chose to work with was the indirect reason for why he left the country in 1986 to avoid the repression. After staying in Berlin and Hamburg, he finally moved to Oslo.

Michal Wasazniks ambitions as a photographer continued also in Norway. With time his specialization has become architecture and interior photography. His artistic interests are however not limited till this field. The artist presents a variety of pictures in different conventions, both nostalgic, poetic motives as well as in strong modern form.